LE DANCE COMPANY AUDITIONS - July 25 / 26 - Please Read

LE Dance will be holding their LE Dance Company auditions on Tuesday, July 25 and Wednesday, July 26 at LE Dance Studio - Below are the times for each audition.

Dancers auditioning will need to be dressed in all black dance wear, have ballet,jazz & tap shoes (tap shoes if a tapper).

Hair secured back (bun, braid,etc.)

$15 audition fee

**ARRIVE in time to sign in, get a number, and warm up.** Studio will be open 30 minutes prior to audition time.

Audition Date/Time for LE Dance Company Auditons (competition Team)

Tuesday, July 25

5:30-7:15pm = Ages 13/14 (or current Petite/Teen Co)

Ballet / Jazz / Tap Audition

7:15-9:00pm = Ages 15-18 (or current Jr/Sr Co)

Ballet / Jazz / Tap Audition

Wednesday, July 26

4:30-5:45pm = Ages 6-8 (NEW BITTY CO)

Jazz / Tap audition

5:45-7:15pm = Ages 8-10 (or Current Newbie Co)

Ballet / Jazz / Tap Audition

7:15-8:45pm = Ages 11-12 (or Current Mini Co)

Ballet / Jazz / Tap Audition

**Second auditions will be Aug 14/15 for those who will be out of town for the first set of auditions



*Registration and Enrollment begins and our staff will be happy to help you select classes, or assist in placement. We hope you will come by to register for Fall/Spring Dance classes during our Open House at LE Dance Studio!